We Are

This morning I’ve been shown my true face and why I am here. My 3d mind can barely hold it. Which is on purpose. Humanity couldn’t function in this world, if we carried around our whole self. I don’t think that is even possible. People who have had near death experiences have returned….all of them exclaiming that the knowledge cannot be interpreted and explained in our human 3d experience. A lot is lost…and you are left with just a bare glimpse…which is also for a purpose.

I fell into meditation. I decided I wanted to open up my Akash and have access to my past. After listening to Kryon explain how to do it, I decided I was ready….understanding I would accept all parts of me, both positive and negative. I want to live my life whole. I want to know everyone I’ve ever been and use all parts of myself in this life. For the service of all. I expected to see many lives…many places, or the awareness of them. To quote a phrase from one of my favorite all time movies “First Contact”…. I had no idea.

I was shown a crevice in a cave. Walking out from a forest…Like a scene from a Merlin movie. The “crystal cave” concept….each large crystal being a scene into one of my lives….perhaps. A very large crystal stood before, the size of me. Reflecting light as I would expect from a crystal, I knew I could step through it. and so I did.

Blinding light. Just….Light….I stood in it’s glory and all else fell away, I released any expectations. The light expanded in all directions, and I was it’s pinpoint. And then I knew….I am the Light. I am the Way. I am the Wayshower. I am the Messenger. There is no “past life”….except the Light of I Am. I felt it fill me, broaden me….be expressed through me.

I felt my guides/Higher Self near me.

Jenny…you are the Light. You hold the Light and are held anchor by your 3d body, which you chose with purpose. You do not need to ‘leave your body’ or transcend your body….you never have. You transcend this world, this 3d reality, and in order to be here, you need a body to hold you firmly here. This is your mission. To hold the Light of God…here in this world….so that they may know God…to find God…within themselves.

My consciousness went ever deeper…I saw, experienced my “Self” as light spreading over Earth. I reached out and touched the aura/merkaba of individuals on this planet…who have power here….Kim Jong Un, China leader, the whole middle east…Afghanistan, the Taliban… Biden and the White House .I touched them with Light; a spark. ..and opened them up to remembering who they truly are. I saw clouds of darkness in each place….and it was dispersed. I looked at Covid and it’s effects, and saw darkness. I held the vaccine and knew it to be Saline, only. harmless. I held the clear thought and intention that only goodness entered every living body, all else falls away. There was so much to do…and yet I felt my physical body tiring. I knew I needed to come back to myself, anchored in this body. There was no language in this place. Instantaneous thought. I experienced how large of a consciousness I am. One thought slipped through….’who am I?’ Although I knew who I was….my human brain was still trying to quantify…to label. “Elohim”….the closest idea of what/who that is. Not that exactly. But there are no words.

We are The Event. We are. It comes from within. We are who we have been waiting for. As Jesus taught, as all Master’s have taught through time and space…We choose. Free Will. The Way will be made clear, for those who are ready to see it.

And so it is.

We Are The People…

We are the people who sing.

Loudly, soft murmurings, bellows, quiet praise, as the sun unfolds itself into a charming morning. Colors of pale blues, pinks and golds merge into the heavens. The sky is singing with all of us, as we prepare our day…

We are the people who pray.

As the long shadows fall over into evening, cool whispers slip along behind us as we walk in twos and threes down to the old Widow Well, to breathe in silence and contemplate a day so long ago when prayer was not simple and song was not merry.

We are the people who harness

The energy of the day into purpose and mastery. We bring all together in harmony as we work for each other, ourselves and our world.

We are the people

Who we have been waiting for in the long dark time. The time of fevered aching fits, of fading frozen winters, of empty bellies and long dead animals, who have now come back to us.

We are the people

of long ago and now, for we are One, and we are many.

We are the People.

Do Not Despair…All Is Well

What I want all of you to know, is…this is all for a Purpose. Everything that is happening in our world, in our country, in our state, in our city, our neighborhood, our home, our individual self…. is happening because of free will and design. This may not sit right with some of you. I can just hear all of the vitrol from those who claim “I didn’t choose”…my child to die, to lose my job, to be abused, to be suppressed by my government, to be forced to be vaccinated to keep my job, and so forth… I want you to think about the result of whatever the struggle/pain was in your life. Did you learn an important lesson? Did you meet or marry someone you might not have otherwise? Did you move? Was there a big change that happened in your life later? Did you choose a career path because of past experiences?

When I say design, I mean our own personal design and that of Mother Earth. We chose our critical life points before we were born. We brought in our support team in the form of parents, siblings, close friends and/or mentors. If you don’t believe in these things, that is ok. Although to be drawn to my blog, I’m imagining you do.

Be aware of those spiritual teachers who claim to have all the answers. No one does. Be aware of the conspiracy theorists….they have only pieces of the truth, not the whole Truth. Be aware of the media, they only share what their owners allow them to share. Be aware of those in the medical field, they have been bought by Big Pharma…understand this before you make medical decisions that will greatly impact your life. Be aware of government leaders, they do not speak for everyone, only their own political machinations. Always, always, when you hear someone speak truth ask yourself….does it resonate for you? What does your intuition say? Follow your intuition always. Sometimes it goes along with mainstream thinking, but most of the time not. Are you emotionally strong enough not to follow mainstream? To be seen or perceived as different? If you choose to not listen to your intuition…understand that is also your free will.

We are in an unprecedented time right now. What we are going through has never been experienced in modern history. Everything is unknown and that is damn scary. For those of us who like to have control, it feels stressful and anxiety inducing. We are all being challenged…tested even. Do you trust yourself? Do you know yourself? Can you follow your heart?

This pandemic, the growing public awareness of the torture and suffering of children in sexual slavery, the fear of and suppression of women and their equal power, the desperate fearful grasp of old 3D energy to stay in control; is bringing everything that was hidden to the surface. All of our fears, rage, hatred, prejudice, division – are being stirred up and spewed out. Our Earth is also cleansing all of the old 3D energy. The weather patterns, earthquakes, droughts, flooding, raging fires, viral plagues are all for a purpose. Our Earth cleanses cyclically. Geologists could explain this better than I. We are in the process of a Pole flip. Our North Pole is no longer in the Arctic Circle, did you know this? I believe this will not be a sudden thing. We will have time to prepare. This could cause dramatic changes to our planet. Our Earth is consciously aware. Just like we are. She is cleansing herself, as we are cleansing ourselves. Some have said we are in Dark Times. Or, that we are in the End Times.

Do not despair. Walk through the darkness, holding the Light of your truth within you. You are not alone, no one is. We overcame our preset course in 2012. Our Earth transitioned, as our bodies transition in death, to our true spiritual selves. We are now in birthing pains of a new world. We are heavily pregnant with possibility. Earth is experiencing “Braxton Hicks” from time to time. For us, we experience that through “Climate Change”. Humanity is in the process of purging the old, to make way for the new. More and more of humanity is ‘awakening’ to the truth of who they are and why they are here. Some believe that the Old Guard of 3D energy is trying to prevent the natural awakening of humanity through suppression of DNA (because our spiritual codes are held there). It’s sadly ironic, because nothing can prevent our awakening. These people are stuck in third dimension and cannot see the truth. These physical bodies are merely temporary vehicles for our True Selves.

I need to tell you something hard. It’s hard to hear, because it stirs up all of our fears and panic. Breathe. All is for a purpose. There will be many more deaths. Many are choosing to leave Earth at this time rather than ascend with the planet. That is their free choice. Many more will be leaving by way of the pandemic. This was their predetermined choice before birth. The experimental vaccines are killing people, or causing severe side effects that will eventually lead to death. There is truth if you look for it. Media is not reporting it. Hospitals are not reporting it. They have been told not to list cause of death from vaccine but from other reasons. This information comes from doctors and nurses who are speaking out about what is happening in their hospitals. Hospitals are turning people away, because so many doctors and nurses have quit rather than be forced into vaccination. These are facts. Do your own research. Listen to your own intuition for what is true, and what is not.

If you have gotten the vaccination you can heal yourself of the toxins with support from energy healers. If you haven’t yet been, but are worried you may need to because of a job, there is a solution. In a previous post on this blog, I shared with you my inner guidance on this topic. We all need to raise our vibrations high. Release the past, forgive old hurts, love ourselves, trust our path. If you’ve been on the ascension/awakening path, you are in a good place. Visualize the vaccine serum as merely saline solution, a placebo. Transmute the low vibrational energy of the serum. Only that which is good for your body can enter you. A wonderful spiritual healer can help you anchor in the 5D, strengthen your DNA to resist any attempts at foreign intervention. This is our divine blueprint. Most importantly, release fear. There is nothing at all to fear. Trust your Path and Purpose. If it is your time to leave this planet, trust that process. If you are meant to do more work here, you will. Your angels, guides and Higher Self are always with you, supporting and guiding you. Listen to them when you feel fear. You can also protect your family members in this same way. You only need to ask for permission, as you can’t go against their free will.

One other thought on the subject of vaccines. I believe in the power of intention. There are many people who joyously got the vaccine. They believe 100% that it will save them from illness. It likely will. They did not take the vaccine out of fear, but out of an abundance of caution. Do not make decisions from fear, only love and acceptance. There should be no judgement around who chooses to vaccinate, and who doesn’t. Respect everyone’s choice. We are only able to affect change for ourselves and those who allow us to help them. The message I am given repeatedly from my guides is to ‘trust the process’. Trust your path. Trust your intuition and follow it, even if it makes no sense. It will not fail you.


ps…photo of sculpture can be found:

Millennial Gaia Statue – Mother Earth

Brand: G Ganen

on Amazon.

Covid? Or Love

I’ve been watching a new program on GAIA called Initiation by Matias De Stefano. He is a man in his early 30’s who at a very young age, began remembering all of his past lives, including lives lived on other high dimensional planets as well as Atlantean times in a place called Khem….the ancient area before Egypt. He understood sacred geometry and exactly how and why the universe was formed. To say my mind was blown wide open….and yet everything he said felt familiar. I’d always felt a close relationship with the stars…Orion, Pleiades. No connection whatsoever with Lemuria/Mu or Atlantis. Understanding I’m likely what is called a “Starseed”.

Even so…his work is profound. It’s interesting I’ve only just discovered his work…as he’s been around longer than I’ve been posting this blog. He started his mission 11-11-11. He was in Antarctica 12-21-12. He knew, as I did, that a whole new world was opening up. That all history from before, all karma from before, was done. A new age was begun. My vision from my young adult hood…it was beginning to be felt strongly around that time…hence this blog.

The shift I experienced in June of 2019….it continued. I know now it is permanent. I blew my own mind when I read back on the previous post from that one…made in January of 2019…and the shift made total sense. Wow.

There is a new topic to discuss. COVID. Just writing the word, and everyone has an immediate visceral reaction. Mostly born of fear. It was designed to do so. How do I know this? The same way I’ve known everything in my life…..inner knowing, trust of my intuition…through experience. The only power this “Dis-Ease” has is mental. When you allow the fear to infect you, the ‘dis-ease is created and manifested into your body. You believe it will kill those you love…and it does. You believe that side effects are bad, and they are…you expect it to be virulent, and it is. You believe that a vaccine must be created immediately to contain and control something that cannot even be studied…because the origin virus cannot be located….but the effects are seen… and it is….in record time. An experiment. Which is ironic, because SARS-Covid has been around for years, possibly centuries. Suddenly it’s a pandemic that must be inoculated against for fear of it’s spread….which is already out there in our bodies…and has been…for years…. what caused it to transform into a dangerous strain? Scientists will give you medical and biological reasons. At the quantum level, it’s all about energy.

I want to discuss the energy of Covid and it’s effects on humanity. Everything is energy, People, environments, structures, food, animal, elements…all of it, is made up of zinging atoms: protons, neutrons and electrons winging around each other. At the highest microscopic setting…it’s all just empty space. It has been scientifically proven that energy can be transformed. Matter can be transformed. We can be transformed, are being transformed. Love is the base power that moves everything in this universe. At a quantum level.

Not going to argue the science of it all. It just is. There is polarity in our universe. Light and Dark. Positive and negative. Good and Bad. Pain and Healing. Fear and Love. Matias states that we are the ones who have made this polarity into Good vs. Evil. Dark is not evil, it is just dark. The opposite. And it serves to allow us to experience all of the positive and good in the world. Without the negative polarity, we would feel nothing. Everything has a purpose. Everything happens for a reason, although what and why may not be made clear for a time.

Covid is from the Dark. It is here to show us the opposite….Trust, Faith, Healing, Intuition, Love. If we give love to Covid…if we hold energy of Love in our bodies, in our Merkaba, in our quantum field, then we can overcome the negative effects of it. If we are forced to take the vaccine to keep a job, to visit a hospital, to visit a child serving in the military, then we can transform the energy from dark to light, merely with our intention and understanding of how energy works.

A few nights ago, after reeling from the news that I would have to be vaccinated in order to go to my son’s graduation from naval boot camp, I decided to speak to my Higher Self. This was the message…

Is the covid vaccine safe? (here i am still thinking of it as something to fear)


Will it kill me?


Harm me?

Possibly, but not permanently.

Long term effects?



You know that both of the vaccines are meant to create fear in the world. You take away the fear; where you release the fear, you master it. Covid is merely a game by those in power. They seek to create fear in the world. The vaccine does nothing really. Because the illness is not born in us. It is from darkness. Jenny, you know your own self. What does your heart tell you?

That it is ok to take the vaccine, if I’m not taking it out of fear.

Yes, exactly. Everything holds energy. The vaccine is whatever people expect from it. If they expect pain, they get it. If they know it’s an illusion, it is. Trust your feelings.

My intuition told me to stay away from it.

Yes, as you should, from any fear based thing. You are protected. The contents are saline. Merely salt water. Know this to be true. Know this for your son. It is saline. Do not make a decision out of fear, only from love. The vaccine contents can and will be transformed. It is saline. Accept it with ‘Love. Transform the energy of it. Yes, Jenny, you are a powerful manifestor. You are hear for a Purpose. Do you think you would allow fear to take you down? Accept and Release. Trust that your Path is before you. You are safe. Your son is safe.

Only love energy enters my body. All else disintegrates and is transformed.

Transform this world one truth at at time. What everyone believes is what becomes their truth. Believe you are Protected and you are. Believe in miracle healing, and it is. Call on Prayer.

Now is the Time. It is all for a Purpose. You have been placed here, to begin. Prepare your Mind, Body and Soul. Pray each day. Hold truth for yourself. Know you are a Healer, you heal yourself. It is saline and it is transformed. Jenny, you have this great propensity for knowing truth from fear. Let this intuition guide you. You’ve been lead to this point. There is no going back. Your faith will set you free.

Love transforms All….all illness, all disease, all pain, all hardship, all harm, all trauma, all fear, all anger, all….on Purpose.

Massive Internal Shift


Much time has passed since I last wrote. As in with Spirit it’s not so much about the time which has passed, but what is said which is ever timeless.

Something has happened within me. Some may say that I’ve passed through another gateway of this journey we are on. It feels as if there has been a massive shift within me.

All of the anger is gone  the feelings of rejection, all the boundaries we build over time, through a life time of disappointment and pain, just lifted off completely one day a few months ago and has not returned  it happened so quietly  no fanfare or big announcement  just….absent.  the weight of it slid away.   And I was left….free  lighter, grateful, in awe, inspired, and unable to express to a single person in my life what has happened…because it is so personal  who else’s could understand the fullness that I feel  i still feel momentary sadness or pain or anger, that is normal, but the stifling weight of a lifetime of it is gone  I can only equate it with what an amnesiac might feel

the most profound change has occurred in my spousal relationship  I was at my last with my marriage  I had done as much as I could do to heal us…and it hadn’t seemed enough, as horrific as it seemed, I was finally recognizing that maybe we weren’t going to make it  I had gotten there

and then the Shift  the incredible miraculous shift occurred  all the pains, anger and hopelessness just slid away  I looked at him with new eyes….and saw a sad confused man who didn’t understand his wife  who had not given up and hoped i would “come back” from wherever I had gone  because this journey…this awakening…it can be as forceful as a wrecking ball in a marriage  it breaks everything apart  most couples don’t make it through unless they both awaken together.  Even though my husband had not “awakened”, I recognized he was in my life for a purpose  he grounds me ,he challenges me…and without him pushing my buttons and making me uncomfortable, I may nott have awoken when I had  we are not yet where I hope for, but I believe we can get there

but….I know I’m ok if it never does

i still wish I had psychic expression different than what shows up for me  I’m an empath  I’m intuitive  I read people  but I still am not sure how that helps me in my mission  I still feel there is a book within me waiting to be written, but the way has not been shown as yet

So, I’m still working on my path as all of you are, but I just had to share this momentous experience  perhaps some of you have experienced similar  peace




I Am Presence

1ee2e322-b906-4a1e-bc69-38f6ab5ca1a0I listen to Kryon. The channel Lee Carrol is the most resonate channel I’ve ever heard. Recently, I listened to a channel where he discussed how light workers need to release all knowledge, judgement and education passed down from others who live in 3D, ( in essence, release all the baggage of 3D) in order to receive and access the new tools that are coming. Last night, while listening to one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever (The Nature of Daylight-by Max Richter) I was visited by my Soul Group. As I saw the “ baggage” drop away, I began to rise into Light, surrounded, encompassed and transformed into my true Nature. I looked out over the world and felt incredible Love and Compassion and knew I had already ascended long before. I am a Way Shower, and I am here to guide. I asked if I may be a healer, and was told I’ve always been one. I heal hearts and mind. I bring peace to the soul. Upon hearing this, I knew it was true. I am quiet, silent, but here.
There are many light workers who are tasked with being Messenger, as I am….but the Message comes in different forms. Mine is in silence or in compassionate listening and acceptance. I am Presence.




All that she was, could ever be, was in this moment.  She ran to her beloved. From the moment he took her in embrace, all of the earth fell away.  They floated in the stillness of space.  She opened her eyes and saw she was alone. He was within her, and she within him.  The intense love and joy she felt overtook her and her body became light.  She shone and became a star within Heaven.  As a star, she observed the cosmos.  Here there was only light, color, and inhuman joy, peace and love.

After a time, she longed for the joy of re-connection as she once felt it before.  To again experience coming back home, reunification with the whole, with Source.  She looked down upon the Earth and saw life.  She saw all that life could be, all the lessons her soul could relearn, grow and experience as if were new.  She gathered amid her stars, she sent her love across Heaven and felt the deep love and joy in return.  She felt unconditional love and acceptance, and pride that she took on a human life.  It took such courage to leave a place of oneness, to become separate and alone.  To try to remember who you truly are, amidst the suffering and travail of a human life.  To then live a life whole and true. To inspire others to live the same way.

There were more stars than ever coming back to Earth.  They came as witness, as holders of Truth, as healers, catalysts, as guides, as dreamers and doers, as lovers.  They came because it was time.  The planet was evolving, as were its citizens.  As has happened for millennia, this species was entering its next evolutionary leap.  Because of her role this time, she was given extra strength.  More of her angelic self was allowed to accompany her soul.  Because of her mission in this life, her soul partner would not be joining her.  She surrounded herself with a family of Stars; each of them gifted.  Healers, catalysts, Witnesses, Guides, Soul friends.  She knew this life would be challenging because each of her life lessons would heal thousands each time, not just herself.

She took on the generational pain of one of her Guides, who would be her mother in this life.  One of her missions was to stop the demon that had followed her mother’s family line.  Her mother would withstand horror in this next life and her gift of unconditional love and forgiveness would save them all.  This Guide was ascended, and her pain would be given selflessly to heal those who could not heal themselves.  In return the Guide was to be her mother in this life, to protect and guide her on Earth.

Because Earth needed so much help to prepare, she agreed to do most of her healing work when her physical body was asleep.  During this time, her soul would go to those who were in need of her healing.  Some of those people would remember her face upon waking.  She also agreed to travel across dimensions, healing the past and future.  She would remember those travels as splintered dreams of far away places.

She gazed within and without, seeking the essence of her Beloved.  Knowing they were forever entwined, she leapt into a human breath, let out a wail, and felt the love and joy of all those around her.  She remembered.


15 months have passed since I’ve last posted here.  For those of you who are following me, I’m sorry. 😉  But, as you will find in my history, I write about 1-2 times a year anyways. 🙂

I write when I’m inspired.  I write when a profound wisdom comes to me.  I write of dreams and visions.

Today, I write of…so many things.  There are so many things happening in my personal world, and in the world at large.

2017 has been a difficult year.  Last spring, my best girlfriend Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer.  They caught it early, so she needed only radiation.  While she was undergoing that, her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  She passed a few short months later, while Linda was still undergoing her own ending phase of radiation.  I wanted so much to be with her, but couldn’t get away.

This past October 4th, my father in law passed away suddenly (after only 10 days illness/hospitalization).  He ended up having lung cancer which had slowly been consuming his body for a long time.  He lived to 89, which is a long life by any standard, but still difficult when it is a parent and grandfather.

At the beginning of November, I noticed a strange swelling on my 12 year old son’s neck…both sides.  After thinking it was a sinus infection…and then possibly mono, we were told he has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  T-cell.  High Risk.  This was November 15, 2017.

This will not be a blog where I itemize everything happening with my son.  I have other places for that….

But I will share something that happened recently.

For the first month, I was in the hospital with him almost 24/7.  He was admitted around 1 am November 15, and discharged 3 pm on December 14th.  Considering all he went through, he did very well in the hospital.  After a terrible first week, I came to a place of peace.  I knew he would be ok….we just had to experience this journey….Conor’s Journey.  After his first bone marrow test, we received very scary news, that he still had 20% cancer in his bones when they were expecting remission.  He is on a very strong round of chemo right now, and his immunity is around 0.

That week, after we received the news, I was in the worst state.  So full of terror, that I couldn’t allow any messages to come through…I couldn’t hear God.  I couldn’t hear anyone or anything.  It was such a dark and terrible place.  Every horrible outcome.  Every worse case scenario….played out every night.  Of course….this was all happening at Christmastime.  A time when I should have been joyful and merry…happily anticipating Christmas with my family.  I couldn’t pull out of the fear I was in. So many people were being so good to us…donations, meals, prayers…and I felt immune to it all.  I was grateful….but I was so scared.  And alone.

I had made homemade cookies and a Christmas tea to bring to some neighbors…as a thank you for ways they had helped us recently.  I went to one house and was bitten viciously by their rescue dog.  It was so random.  So out of the blue. So unexpected…so strange.  I’ve never been bitten by a dog….and I am now….in the worst week of my life.

Ridiculous.  It was ridiculous…and then dawning realization.   So very ridiculous.  It was a message….a painful one….to grab my attention….to get me to wake up!  I got shivers all over as the message became so clear.  Right after that was this insistent message…”.Conor is going to be OK!  He is going to make it.  Do not go into fear.  We are always with you….you are never alone.  He will live”.  And this majestic peace…..it surrounded me, it flowed within me.  And now I know.  I know it.  He is going to be ok….it’s a journey, Conor’s Journey….and we are on it together.

A week later, I woke from a strange dream…a dream that spoke of new beginnings…new awareness…change.  The next day I awoke to a major realization (message).  And this is what I want to share with you.

We are all One with each other.  I have spoken of this before.  I’m sure those of you who read this, know this.  The rest, know it intrinsically in their Soul.

Knowing.  When I access my Higher Self in reiki…..I can access the Higher Self of everyone…of all of us…all 7 billion plus of us.  And through this, true healing can happen.  Not just in reiki, although that is the vehicle I choose….when any of us access our higher selves….for wisdom, for understanding, for answers….we have access to All.  Only discernment is required, to determine what is of Higher Self, and what is of ego.

And so, I am accessing the All, the One, when I do reiki on my son.  I know he is healing.  And we all can do this for each other….for everything.  We can heal each other.  We can heal this planet.  I think of the movie Avatar.  The Tree….which carries all of the souls…and all of their memories….is a metaphor for the Akashic Record.  And the Tree…is our own Higher Self.  It is so much more powerful that anyone realizes.  Not only can it be used to heal our physical, emotional and spiritual selves….but it can be shared.  We can connect to the Higher Self of all energy on this planet; human, animal, plant, element.

Perhaps that is what prayer is….perhaps that is what we are doing when we have large group meditations.

After getting this message, I went on facebook.  I came across a youtube video of Kryon.  The video was titled: How the Masters used the Higher Self to change the world.  I almost fell off my chair.  As I listened to the video, vibrations went through my body.  I was floored.  Almost word for word….Kryon was speaking my words back to me.  And with that came the final, ultimate realization…..God has been speaking to me. For real.  God’s messengers….we have called them angels, new agers give them special names….but really, they are messengers.  And they are here for us….and they have been trying to talk to each of us….and slowly we are starting to hear them.  And when we truly hear them, we are blown away…because every heart desire….every dream or wish….is suddenly known.  I can touch the heart of God with my Soul….because God lives within me….in all of us.  Listen.  As this realization swept over me….I felt my soul shatter in a million pieces…and every single piece….shining like gold….like Heaven. Known.


This is the link to the youtube Kryon video I referenced.  https://youtu.be/LyQqLvETEaQ






My Heart is Opened


My Heart is Open to God.  However you name God….God is good and God loves us and wants only our peace and love.

My heart has been opened today.  I’ve been really struggling with issues with two of my children.  They have been failing school either academically or socially, or sometimes both.  I’ve struggled for years to find solutions for them.  I’ve sought tutors.  I’ve tried the medication route (never again).  I’ve home schooled.  I’ve sat and listened to one child cry almost every day at pick up, and the other child acting out defiance at a system that has failed him.  I’ve sought answers from almost every source.  I’ve taken the boys to counselors, to therapists, to school assessments and more.  Five years on, and they are still struggling every day.  I have feared for their future.  I have felt like I have failed them.

This morning, I broke down and just cried, begging God to please provide the answer…that God knows better than I what they need.  I completely gave up my ego’s need to control their lives….to control how and where they were educated.  I released my tight grip on it all.  Within one minute, I was guided to one answer….a solution to a better school.  Oh my God.  A little later, I was given true hope for their success when I went to the Huntington Learning Center.  The staff were so wonderful…and told me that I was no longer alone.  God has shared His Plan with me!  Thank you God.

Of course, as it is with me….even  more realizations continued to flow.  Once I was open to God….finally open to His message…that He has probably been broadcasting constantly…I finally heard it.

I am being taken care of.  My family is being taken care of.  We are exactly where we need to be now, and our lives will improve from this point.  I do not need to feel guilty because I’m not “working” and bringing home money.  God is taking care of all of our needs…just as we need them.  God always has.  I could list years of moments when I needed more income and it showed up within days or perhaps a week.  Every Single Time.  Those all happened because I gave up my control…I just let go of the how/when/where…and just allowed.  And it always did!  Always.

This is not just a message for me and my family.  This is a message for all of us.  For all of humanity.  God is here with us.  God is always listening, and waiting for us to get out of our own way…and allow God to finally make Love manifest…in whatever way we need it to.

All of the suffering happens because we are trying to control everything in our lives….and we just can’t.  We can’t!  We are not supposed to.  We are supposed to be working together, helping each other, loving each other towards hope, towards love.  God works His will through each of us.  As my daughter expressed to me when she was little,  we are each of us, God’s Fingers.  Working together.  Together, and with God’s Love…we can have everything!!  Everything we wish for ourselves.

I’m humbled.  I’m glorified. My heart is the most pure it’s been in a very long time.  God works his miraculous glory through me…through my children…through each of you.

Whatever God is to you….know this truth.  Release your hold and be at peace.



The Event is Within..


I have been preparing for The Event all my life. I came into this world as a “Seer” of truth. I came to know my purpose slowly, but really I was consciously aware as a girl. I Knew 100% that I was protected by angels. I Knew that the difficulties I went through socially in school and at home were for a specific purpose even though I couldn’t tell you why. I was fascinated by all things psychic. I think I knew at some level that I used to be able to do all things of a sixth sense but had forgotten somehow. Very frustrating.

As an older teen I was made aware of my future… Of The Event. I didn’t call it that then. I knew with absolute certitude that something…an event… Was going to transform the whole world. And I knew when. I was born in 1970. I knew that this thing was going to happen in the middle of my life. I knew that I would not be young nor old.

I Knew that it was not the end of the world/apocalyptic. I knew every single person would be affected. I knew that many would go to fear and there could be some chaos as a result, but not as a result of the event but of their reaction to it. I knew there could be some earth changes. They were positive…but some would perceive them as bad/ scary.

I knew that what would happen was an incredible and transformative experience

I didn’t sense how it would come, only that it would for certain. As I grew older, from time to time I would dip into that inner knowing space. I sensed the time getting closer. Always in the back of my mind and soul it was there. This knowing helped me get through very difficult life trials. I knew I was being made ready. Every single event in my life was preparation. I couldn’t express this to anyone. Not until the Internet was created.

I spent most of my twenties in school and stuck that experience on a back shelf. I fell in love. My heart was broken, many times…i started back on my path in my later 20’s only to lose sight of it out of fear of loss. About 5-8 yrs went by in total denial. When my body got sick and couldn’t seem to heal I began to pay attention again. At this point I had two beautiful but challenging kids.

My life as I knew it completely shifted on its axis. I stopped attending a very fundamentalist church. I pulled in and began an intensive revaluation of my path to this point. I truly awoke (I thought) and began to start listening to my intuition again.

After an intense Dark Night of the Soul experience that spanned two years, I knew there was no turning back for me. No matter what happened, I knew I could only move forward on my path. It’s been very difficult and painful. The pain stems from my changed perception and how those who I love have reacted to the changes. Often I would be charged with “if you are ascending, why are you so angry? Why has our life changed so much. Why aren’t you happy?” I couldn’t say. How to explain what I am feeling and the physical body changes, emotional ups and downs, supernatural events…and not sound crazy in the re-telling? I don’t have an answer for you. All I know is that I have to keep moving down this path to its inevitable end.

It’s here! I have been sensing its imminence for about four months. For the last five years the websites, blogs, gurus, FB pages, and so on have exploded with the Awoken. I’m so happy they have! We are the Witness. We are the Wayseer. We are The Way.

I had an experience about a month ago, where I experienced 5th dimension for about 2.5 hrs. It was incredible!! All anger, sadness, pain, fear, etc fell away from me. I knew they were only products of my ego based mind and not who I truly was. I was high on life. I was blissed out! My heart was so full of love for humanity, for myself. I felt so light, like I was floating. The world had an inner glow that was beautiful. I was of the world, but not in it for those few short hours. Afterward, after I realized what I had experienced I grew excited! This is what was coming…what is coming…for all of us! Think of the ramifications..in all the war torn parts of the world. On all the political leaders hearts. For the hurt and broken of the world…a reminder is coming… Of Who You Truly Are. Thank you for letting me share. Namaste~